The Leadership Through Sport Winners Manual


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The Leadership Through Sport Winners Manual is designed to teach youth athletes (age 8 through 12) LEADERSHIP through sport…it is for sport parents and coaches who are the best of the best – the ones who want to sport parent and coach BIGGER THAN THE GAME. Don’t get me wrong – this workbook is for sport parents and coaches who want their athletes to win now AND win later – by systematically teaching their athletes to develop transferrable skills like self discipline, courage, confidence, sacrifice, enthusiasm, and industriousness DURING the season, while they are experiencing the UPS and DOWNS of competitive sport. The manual makes it EASY for coaches or sport parents to run an ELITE LEVEL leadership development program at any level of sport, and here’s the best part – it only takes MINUTES each week and requires NO PREP TIME or special skills to implement. The EASY to FOLLOW 21 week system does the work for you. All great sport parents and coaches teach leadership, values, and character through sport…and that’s how they WIN now and later! Try The Leadership Through Sport Winners Manual this season whether you are a caring sport parent or a world class volunteer coach trying to teach leadership and life skills through sport…because there are a lot of negative influences out there and you believe your young athletes deserve the best coaching and mentoring you can deliver so that they have the best possible chance to be successful in life!


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