Sport Leadership – Volume 2


Product Description

This audio is a MUST LISTEN for athletes involved in elite sport, or athletes over the age of 12 who have aspirations to become team leaders. It is inspiring, educational, and will give any athlete a huge competitive advantage as a developing leader and an aspiring elite competitor. It will get athletes fired up to lead while directing them and educating them on WHAT sport leadership is and HOW they can become a leader. Athletes will want to listen to this energetic and motivational audio recording again and again.

Topics covered are:

  1. Introduction to Team Leadership
  2. Leaders Set a Visual Example
  3. Leaders Prepare to Perform Under Pressure
  4. Leaders Leverage Others
  5. Leaders Display Competitive Enthusiasm
  6. Leaders are Mentally Tough
  7. Leaders Redirect Others When Necessary
  8. Leadership Conclusion and Call to Action


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