Maximizing Talent


Product Description

Effective development is about doing the right work, in the right way, at the right time.  Lean the science behind how skills get created, take advantage of one-time brain development windows, and learn 19 other important athlete development tips to help you maximize your child’s talent, as well as your peace of mind as a competitive sport parent, in this research-based, easy to understand, lively 4 CD recording.

Sample Track:


CD 1

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Clarifying your overall goal as a sport parent

Track 3 – The surprising science behind how athletic skills are created

Track 4 – Understanding brain development windows

Track 5 – Understanding physical development windows

CD 2

Track 1 – Distinguishing between soft and hard skill development

Track 2 – The 3 development stages all successful athletes go through

Track 3 – Mastering effective post practice and post game conversations

Track 4 – Learning how and what to praise to create a winner

Track 5 – Igniting lasting passion through exposure to elite performers

CD 3

Track 1 – Learning the mental process to master emotional control

Track 2 – Consciously sharing the enjoyment with your child

Track 3 – Emphasizing the huge distinction between striving to win vs winning

Track 4 – Illustrating the development process through story

Track 5 – Teaching mental toughness early in the process

Track 6 – Teaching sport leadership early in the process

CD 4

Track 1 – Learning the surprising facts around sleep and recovery

Track 2 – Leading by example through the development years

Track 3 – Cultivating unselfishness through the process

Track 4 – Understanding the science between nature and nurture

Track 5 – Teaching self-assessment throughout the process

Track 6 – Creating a strategic plan

Track 7 – Conclusion


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