Little Athletes, Big Leaders

Little Athletes, Big LeadersYou can teach your child to succeed in every venture they ever attempt, and ensure they maximize their athletic potential, and create and maintain a long term loving relationship with your child, and have an absolute blast during your sport parenting years!

Break free from the belief that youth sport is about either “winning” or “fairness”.

The truth is, the youth sport experience is really about teaching “mastery”, it’s about individual and collective goal setting, it’s about developing interpersonal skills (which are the #1 predictor of leadership effectiveness), it’s about learning from mentors, it’s about controlling what you can and letting the rest go, and it’s about action….and not action once in a while…it’s about action every day!

This is a book that’s impossible to put down, but not meant to be consumed at once. I’ve spent a lifetime researching sports issues. I’ve never come across such a treasure chest. Really impressive.”

– Ron MacLean, Hockey Night in Canada

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But be warned! You cannot, and will not, even come close to maximizing the benefits of the youth sport experience unless you learn the critical skills, the insights, and the small, but significant little adjustments you’ll have to make as a parent. You’ll enjoy learning how to help your child maximize their potential in the sport and also learn to become a huge success in any endeavour outside the sport. You’re already investing a lot in the youth sport experience: you are paying registration fees, buying sports gear, traveling to practices and games, sitting through practices and games, and of course, caring so much and loving so deeply! Why not take it one small step further, and learn the simple tips and skills that will help you guide your child to success in their chosen sport and in real life.

I just want to let you know, I can’t put your book down and I continue to re-read many parts. Although, I have been doing some of the concepts you suggested I now have an opportunity to take what I know to another level and most importantly be more intentional about my actions. I still have so much to learn as a parent and a person. My heart was actually racing as I read through some of your pages and I can’t get enough of what you were writing and discussing. Thank you so much for putting together such a practical and valuable piece of reading and learning. Parenting is not easy and yet it is the most important thing I (we) will ever embark on and I love it. I liked your views on the levels/stages of development. Grant, my son, is a late bloomer, he was four before he was completely potty trained, he was seven before he biked, he was a later reader, etc. However, once he got it, he got it, and other parts of him are mature beyond his age and have always been that way. I so agree with you, Kids/Adults develop at different levels and so many factors can play into this process. Thanks so much for all your reminders. I so appreciate you taking the time to write this book and sharing your knowledge.

Take care and have a fantastic day,

Bilynda Whyting, M. Ed

There are brilliant people in the world. I know you know that to be true.

Many of them have made a career out of researching, testing, applying, and teaching social science methods that help ordinary people like you and I become their very best we can be. Very often these wonderful people, with their PhD’s and their brilliant minds and their amazing research teams remain squirreled away in universities all over the world, with the only beneficiaries of their amazing findings being small numbers of academic clusters who are “in the loop”. This is your chance to learn from these special people in a simple and straight forward way.

I LOVED your book!

I’ve been a bit busy so wasn’t able to finish it as quickly as I had hoped, but finished it today.
Nearly every page has something underlined, so for me that means it a good sports book!
LOVED your pick of quotes!

Linda Shaffelburg

Researchers like Dr Carol Dweck, Dr Ross Campbell, Dr John Gottman, Dr Edward Banfield, Dr Anders Andersson, and Richard and Linda Eyre have discovered results orientated life changing tips and insights that are starting to positively impact the lives and approaches of caring, loving, success oriented sport parents all over the world. This book is written for you, the top 1 or 2% of sport parents, the sport parent that wants to raise a happy, positive, success oriented little leader who know what it takes to be great at any endeavour worth doing. Perhaps you even dream of raising a child with the character and skills to change the world if they choose to in these leadership deficient times!

As a former high performance athlete, current high performance coach, and parent to two young children, I feel this book is an invaluable resource to parents who want to raise successful, happy, confident children, both in sport and also far beyond sport!

Cindy Tye

These parenting tools are highly effective, the research is sound, and the concepts are easy to grasp and even easier to implement. And the results…well, let’s just say your child really could be the next big thing in sport and the next big thing in business, philanthropy, politics, or anything else they feel passionate about. You will teach them a mindset and set of skills that transfer easily to any other endeavours they choose as well as any other challenges they face.

Thank you so much for sharing your work with me! It was my pleasure to read it! I believe that all of us can benefit from the eloquently written points that you made regarding parenting and leadership! An excellent guide for raising successful children through sport – I highly recommend it!

Roxanne Seaman, PhD

I’m a parent just like you. I have two children and I feel like I know what you’re facing and what you’re feeling. I know you’re crazy busy, and I know what it’s like to love a child so much you can hardly stand it. I know you want to raise a wonderful, happy, successful child, someone who has a great life full of joy and purpose and meaningful friendships and interesting challenges. I also know you want material that is very easy to read, that’s highly motivational and occasionally emotional, and you want a book that also has some great stories and makes you feel good about what you’re trying to accomplish. I believe Little Athletes Big Leaders is all of those things, but it is also an important synthesis of valuable sport parenting information that has never been gathered in a simple, short book before. This information is filtered through the discerning screen of my thirteen year former professional athletic career and current leadership training career. In addition, I am also someone who understands and appreciates good research, as I have an academic background that includes a Masters degree in empirical social research.

If you’re a caring and committed sport parent, and if you believe that parenting is the most important work you’ll ever do, then Little Athletes Big Leaders will change your life. Why not buy it today, and ensure you learn what you need to know to raise a real winner, both in sport and beyond.

This is one of the most influential books I have read, and is highlighted and post-it noted to pieces.

Jim Rohn, Randy Gage, Napoleon Hill are on my shelf and reading list, and Bruce, your book has joined them. I am grateful you followed your passion for growing little kids hearts, by letting us know what you know, through this book.

Thank you,
Debbie Falconer