Bruce Beaton, Leadership Through Sport

Want to become the best, most knowledgeable sport parent possible so you can:
  • Maximize your child’s athletic potential?
  • Develop your child into a happy, successful winner in the game of life?
  • Take advantage of one-time brain development windows?
  • Take advantage of the three phases all athletes develop through?
  • Learn how to create home environments that maximize hard and soft skills?
  • Minimize the negative emotions you experience in competitive youth sport?
  • Develop an outstanding long-term relationship with your child?
  • Become ultra-efficient at your most important work (preparing your child for their future)?
All or world-class products will help you do an amazing job as a sport parent, and they all come with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.
Sport parenting can be a tricky, complex job, especially if you have a talented child who is trying to become great. The latest research from international talent hotbeds is that, in high-skill sports (like hockey), the knowldege of the parent is a better predictor of long-term success than the talent of the child. Learn all you can so that you can HELP your child efficiently achieve their goals.
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin


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